Noticias desde Calcuta, de Father Mathew

Father Mathew, al tiempo que nos felicita las fiestas nos comenta:

1.La historia de Sonali, una niña recogida cuando tenía 6 años, de una estación de trenes donde vivía y dormía, a la que se le ha dado instrucción primaria y 4 años de estudios de enfermería, y actualmente es enfermera en un hospital público, y cómo vive en uno de sus apartamentos, lo que le ha permitido «recoger ahora a su madre» que por primera vez duerme bajo techo.
2. Como han pasado ya 33 años de la creación de Don Bosco Ashalayam, que permite dar refugio seguro e instrucción a niños sin hogar y abandonados, donde nuestros clubs rotarios están participando en los últimos años financiando la construcción de camas y pupitres.

Dear Fidel

May this season of joy bring abundant blessings of health and happiness for you and your family. I wish to share with you a story of joy, of a triumph over misery and helplessness, a story, dear friend, that was scripted with your help. The story of Sonali.

Sonali De and her mother were living under extreme vulnerabilities in Sealdah station from where she was rescued. She was just 6 years old then. Thereafter she stayed in Ashalayam Homes and finished her schooling and then went on to study nursing for four years. Today she’s working in a Government hospital as a Nurse and stays in a quarter provided by the hospital. Another good thing is that Sonali’s mother no longer stays in the station. Sonali has taken her home. Stepping inside her daughter’s apartment for the first time she was so overcome with emotion, she wept profusely, for never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that one day they would actually have a roof over their heads. After spending almost a lifetime in the harsh and unforgiving environs of Sealdah station she was overwhelmed at the reality of staying in a house of their own. And the tears flowed freely. Transforming dreams into reality is possible because You have decided to stand by and help children in distress. It’s your generosity that’s fueling the success of our children and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Thirty three years ago when Don Bosco Ashalayam was founded, our mission was to provide a safe haven for the homeless and abandoned children. Since then this Institution has evolved a comprehensive child protection and development model that’s proved effective in breaking the cycle of poverty and destitution, as evidenced in the case of Sonali and many many boys and girls like her. The challenge before us is huge, as millions of children are still living on the streets and stations of India but your contribution makes a positive difference in the lives of children every year. Ashalayam is a safe haven from where they pursue their education and participate in all activities that are normal for their age. Thank you for partnering with Ashalayam in our mission to empower the Young at Risk.

Wish you and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.
Fr. Mathew Parakonath
Don Bosco Ashalayam
158/18 Belilious Road,
Howrah – 711101.

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