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Datos de Don Bosco Ashalayam de Calcuta recibidos de Fray Mathew


April – June 2018 (Q1) Outreach at a Glance

Children assisted through Child Help Desk 317

Children in DBA’s Open Shelter 208

Children restored back to their families 203

Children referred to Child Care Institutions 110

Kolkata Outreach FSP; Children contacted 716

Children attending National Child Labour Schools (in 5 Centres) 247

Children in ASSP Schools (in 11 Centres) 498

Children immunized in ASSP Centres 3442

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Noticias finales desde Bandel (India)

Bandel julio 1

Greetings from Bandel!

As Promised here I am sending you some photos with the children. When I sent the final report they were at home because of the holidays given by the government due to the excess temperature. I will be sending in two or three mails.

Now they are back and classes are normal.

The children are so happy because of the beds and desks. Now they are at ease both in the study hall and dormitory because of the new desk and beds. They send you their loving thanks and prayers.

Once again thanks for the support and be assured of my co-operation and prayers.

Yours affly


Maquinas de coser: Informe del grado de avance desde la India

sewing 1Namaste from India

1.Workmanship of the Usha Japanese machines: Unlike our traditional sewing machines these machines are a bit trendy,efficient and capable of having stitching 10 different types of patterns. Since these are very delicate and hence are nor advised to handle without proper training. So we have sent a team of trainers from Usha machine suppler to each club and to impart practical training to each beneficiary. This has ensured that the usual wear and tear will be bare minimum. 
Even after such vigorous training any mechanical problem arises, the company's helpline number immediately takes care of such difficulties. As far as the long term efficiency is concerned we have inquired in depth every where in the market including its arch rival Singer machines and they have replied positively. RID 3060 is continuously taking these machines under their GG projects for last 3/4 years.

2.Selection of beneficiaries: we faced maximum problem in re identifying the beneficiaries. When we planned the project it was 2015-16,when we took feed back from each clubs. During these days everything changed ,the club presidents,beneficiaries, stitching mathod and patterns and above all beneficiaries' expectation. So we wrote and talked to clubs reviving the process again. 
We set certain parameters for the beneficiaries: a) lady should be poor,2) should have done basic stitching course,3)she must give us her address proof like Adhar Card or Voter identity card ,4) her photo,5) undertaking to keep the machine in running condition,6) she must earn from our machines to support her family. 
Though it is a lengthy process ,but we stick to it and did have obtained all these proof from each beneficiaries to whom the machines have been given.Rotary club Adipur not only identified the ladies but also got them training under clubs' supervision .

3.We have also distributed some machines to clubs for establishing a permanent vocational trainning center for imparting training to needy ladies in future.

4. First Distribution: We distributed first major lot in our district assembly in presence of DG,DGE,DRFC and RI Grant Officer Chandra Palmer and the reaction of the beneficiaries was very satisfying moment for every one of us.

5.Balance distribution: we have distributed 190 machines so far.As this time is the change over time in all clubs,our progress will be a bit slower .Heavy monsoon will also make things difficult for us. our major beneficiary very old associate, Premalaya Institute will complete all formalities by 15.7.18 and we well be able to complete the project by 31.08.2018.

6.I have filed an online progress report of our project which you please authorise along with one more Rotarian.

7. I have formed a new club here in Ahmedabad viz: RC Ahmedabad Riverfront and in future will be communicating as a member thereof.